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Everybody imagine casino located somewhere in United States of America. Especially it is popular in Nevada state in Las Vegas. Hollywood made a great reputation of it making a lot of films about gamblers, thieves and scammers. It is fair – Nevada has the greatest income from game industry in the world. The most public scandals in casino have also attitude to American casinos. However, do we ever associate European continent to some kind of online casino no deposit bonus free spins australia. Maybe Monaco with it luxury service and rich oligarchs on the beaches of Mediterranean Sea.

Wherever casino can be, but this story braked all stereotypes about the game industry. Czech Republic is a magnificent place to live. Old towns, big and famous castles, inspiring nature and many more reasons to lie or to visit this country. Nevertheless, nobody can imagine that the biggest online pokies real money affaire happened there. Karlovy Vary is a place where rich men from all Central Europe can spend their time tasting a great dishes, drink original beer and to play the best casino of region. Three years ago, the biggest gambling institution “euro palace casino” opened. Сhic halls, beautiful and professional staff and enormous wins.

It sounds really cool and profitable. Player not only from the central Europe, but also from al continent were dreaming to achieve chance to visit such a paradise of hazard. Moreover, the best thing of this casino was not the luxury it gives to you. Euro palace casino have made online registration for its’ clients to give them special propositions. It sounds great, you are not only unique player, but also have promotions that are available only for you. From all over the players you are the special one. Obviously, the major part of clients have registered to this system and begun to play.

It had been lasted for more over a year and a half. Three was no suspicious things that can sow doubts among the players and government structures. However, the promotions they have made and bonuses were so irrentable for casino that he income begun to growth in many times. Euro palace casino no deposit bonus was also really loyal to players- first five games would be free and it was all at the expense of the casino. They have said that no tricks and deceives were in this bonus. However, the condition to be launched to the personal data system was actual if you wanted to play free. Collecting large volumes of data nobody thought that it is dangerous for the clients, and nobody among police took care about it. Now it is going the investigation, and it will not be a surprise, that police knew about such problem. The most interesting fact was that the servers with data was not in open source. Moreover, nobody in public could not find the place, where it were located. Perfect plan to steel money and not be caught in first days. Try to find it all around the world! Everything was online.

Euro palace no deposit bonus made the key role in this crime. The final accord was euro palace casino mobile app. This app officially was made to inform its’ users about new bonuses in casino and previous mentioned special promotions for clients. But the real goal of “euro palace casino” mobile program was to activate the virus, that in five hours would break your credit cards and accounts with money on online casino server. When it was done- three hundred thousand players lost their money.

The amount of costs that were lost was thirteen millions of euros! The biggest error in casinos history. Іnstantaneous the accounts of executives of  euro palace casino were delated and the contact with them were lost. Chief Executive Officer and top management had been left Czech Republic in an unknown direction before, and found them immediately were unreal.

It is no certain, that the criminals will be punished. Stories been told from the police are also indistinct. Is it is obviously, that the insurance will cover all costs. This situation should teach the thing that we must demand more from our police to protect our rights online. Because in some time, the governments web pages can also lost information – no one guarantee the safety now.

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