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Modern technologies give the humans a lot of advantages and opportunities to make our life and existence better every day. Technologies make many new entertainments too. Who does not like to have a fun? Obviously, games and fun became a very profitable and effective business. Millions of people   today spend great parts of their times playing online pokies real money, downloading hundreds of app on the smartphones, bet on different places, sports professional leagues visit many thousands crowds and so on. However, the real leader of entertainment traditionally is casino. It is a symbol of humans’ hazard.

Casinos today offer to theirs’ consumers different products such as card games in usual casino, online casinos with all well-known standard games (, understandable mobile apps. Thousands of people find it really good and comfortable – why not to try to win. Some people fight with casinos finding them as a source of crimes, sins and destroying tendencies. Nevertheless, casinos now are a good investment for those businesspersons, who want to earn a lot. A and also a good place to relax.

These thoughts were among the clients of one of the most popular and dynamic developing online casino “Captain jack”. Trust rankings of this casino were one of the best, “captain jack” casino mobile app were on android and IOS, service was professional. It seemed to be a secure casino with little chances to be deceived. But in one moment everything has changed.

“Captain Jack” no deposit bonus was the most famous and usable promotion. To achieve it you had to donate for one hundred dollars and play any of this casino game. No tricks and hided moments offered casino. It is widely known – such promotions are very interested for governments’ structures and such things usually are checking up. “Captain Jack” casino no deposit bonus has been developed by new group of programmers, who has been invited to improve the algorithms and speed of programs inside the online casino. The problems was in attitude of previous staff to the new one. They have not bring them all information about security of personal data of clients of casino. It is really important, because if online casino works legally, they have to keep information about users to protect them and itself. After the upgrades, no dysfunctions have not been found and promotion were suggested to clients.  In some time “Captain Jack” new soft provider finally offered a function that makes “Captain Jack” casino instant play faster. Moreover, this uploads were planned to be connected to promotion that has been mentioned before. In thirty minutes after this has happened, thousands of users have found that their counts and credit cards lost all money. In one hour everybody, who had been launched to casino before, lost all costs, even executives. It was a real panic among people.

First suspicions fell on executives. Clients thought, that they stole their money and turned to the police. The number of lost costs was for fifty five millions of dollars. That is why police and society looked after the investigation meticulously. Many searches were carried out in offices of casino. After a week of investigation, it was mentioned that has been a link between new soft and disappearance of money. One of the staff have found this dysfunction. With others two criminals he has downloaded personal information of everybody, who has been in database of casino. After he had stolen a money, he disappeared. Police found them in two days.

The biggest problem of such situations is not stolen money. Irresponsible attitude of staff to their work cause a leakage of information. Personal data now is the key to achieving almost everything you need. Registering in some sites, shops, events we are leaving a piece of us. Than companies, use it to sell you those products, you really needed. Internet provider customize your searches for your exact needs. It sounds and work really well, if company prefers to do it transparent.

Stilling money is one of deceives you can faced with a leakage of information. This data can be used in political ways to persuade you to vote the exact candidate. Or you information can be changed and you can be changed to a “criminal” if malice want to.

After situations with “Captain Jack” no deposit promotion situation, government eventually has done a social ads for society, but is it really in time? How many other companies have lost their clients situations? We know about it because of publicity of this casino.  There are a lot of issues, society need to discuss on the topic of online security.

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